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Cedar split rail fencing has a wonderful warm country feel to its appearance, making it a great choice for landscape or property line fencing and is also ideal for keeping horses or livestock contained to an area of land.  

northern white cedar - straight rail fen

Straight Rail Fence

snake rail fence - garden centre

Snake Rail Fence

The straight style cedar split rail fence is excellent for marking property lines and is ideal for keeping livestock and horses from straying. It carries a rustic, beautiful look.  This style is easier on mowing and yard maintenance.  This method requires a good soil depth.

The snake rail or zig-zag fence is ideal for areas with little or no soil depth.   This method is also excellent for accents near trees, shrubs or garden beds. This fencing is good for areas that do not have a good soil depth.

Cedar Split Rail fence with gate nice


Nothing finishes off a new cedar split rail fence as well as a matching cedar split rail gate. Each gate is custom designed and produced just for you. Our gates are made with naturally split eastern white cedar and designed to your size requirements and specifications.

Cedar Split Rails is a division of Arbtech Ltd. located in Thornbury, Ontario, Canada close to Clarksburg, Town of the Blue Mountains, Collingwood and Meaford.

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