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Whether you're putting up a fence to beautify your landscape, keep livestock or horses contained, or maintain boundary lines, theses fences are both functional, decorative and most importantly, durable.

The straight rail style will add a rustic and beautiful charming look to your property. This style is easier when it comes to mowing your lawn and regular yard maintenance. This method of fencing requires good soil depth as the upright rails must go down deep into the soil.

The snake rail or zig-zag fence is ideal for areas with little or no soil depth.   This method is also excellent for accents near trees, shrubs or garden beds. These fences are strong, safe and classic.


Notice when the fence is new, it is beige in colour, but as it ages it turns to a soft silver grey appearance.  These fences will stand the test of time and look beautiful for many years to come.

straight rail fence white cedar

Straight Rail Fence

This fence is straight, which makes maintenance of your yard, grass, or road much easier than it would be using a snake rail fence.

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snake rail fence ontario

Snake Rail Fence

Notice the zig-zag shape of this fence in particular, that is why it's a snake rail, it resembles a snake when moving along.

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