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Cedar Split Rail Fence & Designs began manufacturing new cedar split rail fencing in the spring of 1997.  We are now located in Thornbury Ontario, Canada.

We manufacture and sell beautiful, rustic cedar split rails and we take great pride in making every cedar split rail fence individual and beautiful.

Each Eastern White Cedar Log is handled by hand, individually split and then each cedar split rail is hand peeled. This allows us to achieve the most natural rustic look possible in our cedar split rail fencing and gates.

As each property is unique to its owner, each cedar split rail fence is a custom project based on your needs and desires. Whether your fence is strictly decorative or practical as in retaining livestock like horses or for defining property lines, the split rail fence is an environmentally safe product. Absolutely no chemicals are used to preserve the wood as cedar has one of the highest natural rating for being rot and insect resistant.

Please contact us at 519-599-3381 we would be happy to discuss your needs.

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