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Snake Rail Fencing

The snake rail or zig-zag fence is ideal for areas with little or no soil depth.   This method is also excellent for accents near trees, shrubs or garden beds.  These fences are strong, safe and classic. They’re great for keeping livestock and horses contained. Each section is set on a large limestone rock and the split rail fence is bolted and wired together making it extremely strong and durable.

When the fence is new it is beige in colour, but as it endures the elements and weathers, it changes to a soft silver grey appearance.  These fences will stand the test of time and look beautiful for many years to come.


Have a look at our gallery below.

snake rail fence around farm property

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jd - snake rail fence
install - snake rail
snake rail fence - angle
snake rail fence - barn
snake rail fence - distance
Snake Rail Fence - garden center
snake rail fence - field
snake rail fence - farm
snake rail fence - property
snake rail fence - outside
snake rail fence - shape
snake rail fence - top - zig zag
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