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Fence styles

While we do not currently provide installation services, below you will see information about various styles you could have for your fence. 

We are currently only providing the manufacturing of the materials.

Straight Style

The straight style cedar split rail fence is excellent for marking property lines, keeping in livestock like horses and it is also rustic and beautiful.  This style is easier on mowing and yard maintenance.  This method requires good soil depth.

installation - straight rail cedar fence
installation - straight rail cedar fenc

For D-I-Y installation instructions on Northern White Cedar STRAIGHT RAIL STYLE FENCING, click on the image to the left


The snake rail or zig-zag fence is ideal for areas with little or no soil depth.  As well as fast installation for extra long runs.  This method is also excellent for accents near trees, shrubs or garden beds.  The pictures below are cedar split rails that have been made larger than normal because this customer wanted to have a strong safe and classic fence to keep in his large work horses.  Each section is set on a large limestone rock and the split rail fence is bolted and wired together making it extremely strong and durable.

Layout for cedar split rail fence in snake design
installation - snake cedar rail fence
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